Monday, October 17, 2011

Organizing Kids Clothes - Storage

As I've mentioned before, I love hand-me downs when it comes to kids' clothes.  I will happily take any clothes your children have outgrown, if you have any, please send them this way! : )  But seriously, I have been lucky to swap my boy's clothes for girl's clothes with a friend.  I also am given some items from friends and family every once in a while.  What to do with it all so I can actually find it easily when I need it?

First step, sort by gender and size. I don't sort by season or type of item since it then becomes too complicated to manage and requires multiple bins. Simple is best. It doesn't matter to me if there are shorts and winter coats together. 

Next, label the box.  I love reusing my old diaper boxes since they are sturdy, have handles and I can write the gender and size directly on the box.

Finally, have a designated spot for each child's clothes.  I now keep Charlie's too big items in bins under his bed.  It's tidy, hidden away and his clothes are there in his room when I need them. 

Lola is still in her crib so I keep a few boxes of upcoming sizes on the top shelves of her closet.  The rest goes into our tiny storage room downstairs. Do I ever miss my huge walk in closets (yes, plural) from our previous home. Even the home office had a walk-in! Sigh!

I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions.  What works for you?


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