Thursday, May 31, 2012

Embroidered Skirt

Good morning!
My to sew list is a mile long, and I can finally cross off one item. I found this beautiful hand embroidered tablecloth I would have loved to use but it had an unfortunate coffee stain. I still loved the fabric and embroidery so I decided to make it into a skirt for my Lola. The child's dresser is starting to overflow!

It's so light and airy, perfect for out hot, muggy summer days. Although, how long will it stay white?

close up of the embroidery

Thanks for reading!


  1. You had me at vintage tablecloth---and the embroidery on that one is to.die.for!

    Lovely skirt!

    (And I love oxiclean to keep things white---although I had found I have to let them soak for a couple of days...)

  2. It is so beautiful. I just love it! I agree with soaking it in Oxiclean. My washer has a soak cycle (about 1 hour) so I do that and then wash like normal. Then a couple times a year I will hang out to dry. The sun really helps keep things white too. Also if there is a bad stain dawn dish soap works great.


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