Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm new here

Welcome to le petit cardinal rouge, where I plan to share my love of vintage linens and sewing with you.  I taught myself to sew after I had a baby girl and I'm completely obsessed! I love to hunt for vintage sheets, design and sew dresses, blankets, bibs... whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

I've been reading knitting blogs for several years. Now, that list has grown to include sewing and decorating blogs. I'm hooked. And I can do it during nap time! Fabulous!

Thanks for joining me on my little adventure. I have a lot to learn about blogging and technology, but there's only one way to figure it out.  I want this blog to become a snapshot of the beauty that surrounds me. Gorgeous babies, yummy fabrics, squishy yarns and chocolate chip cookies, hot from the oven. What more could a mom want? 

What are you finding beautiful today?
Thanks for reading.


  1. Welcome in the blogosphere ! I'm looking forward to see your creation !


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