Thursday, April 28, 2011

Word of the day: Thrifting

Thrifting : (verb) To thrift. Bargain hunting at thrift store, consignment shops and garage sales. Benefits include finding unique and vintage items at fabulously low prices. 

If you want to learn more about thrifting, this article on Wikipedia had some good facts.

I've gone thrifting twice in the last week.  It's a bit of an obsession.  My favorite items to hunt for are vintage sheets. Here are the ones I found a few days ago:

Most will go into my shop (if I can ever figure out shipping and do some ironing).  The butterflies sheet isn't vintage but it goes well with my daughter's room.  I especially love the pink and orange floral since it's so different from the other ones I've found.

See... I still haven't ironed.

*Update: I have finally done it. My shop is open. Click here to see it or click on the link in the side bar. I'm starting with some fat quarter listings as I keep working on various bundles.  If there's a fabric you want me to hurry up and list, please let me know!

What goodies have you found lately?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on getting your shop going! I have not gotten to that point yet! That would require me to actually make more than one thing of each item! :)

  2. @Alicia @ littlesprinklesoffun

    Thanks Alicia,

    I know what you mean about making more than one of each item. It's new to me too!


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