Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cake Balls and Oreo Balls

I can't take any credit for these recipes, but I will link to them so you can make your own. How about I tempt you with a few pictures?

I made dessert for a dinner party I attended last weekend. I made chocolate cake balls and Oreo balls. Mmmm... They must have been good since the girls asked for the recipes.

For the cake balls recipe, click here.  I used Devil's Food Cake, chocolate icing and chocolate melts for the coating. I decorated with a drizzle of white chocolate. As suggested in the reviews, I waited until my cake was cool to mix in frosting and refrigerated the mixture before making the balls.

The ones everyone pounced on were the Oreo balls, recipe found here.  I dipped these in white chocolate melts, with a drizzle of dark chocolate.

They were easy to make but are a little time consuming since they required several steps, including time to firm up in the refrigerator.  I learnt the balls should be cold, not frozen, as your chocolate coating could crack.  Also, you need chocolate melting wafers for dipping. I tried to make my last two cake balls with chocolate chips since I ran out of wafers but they didn't harden properly. I had to eat those, darn :)

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  1. Those look so good! Looks like they were made in one of those fancy specialty stores.
    Good job!


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