Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On Sunday morning, Marc and I met up with some friends and took the kids to Touch-a-Truck, an event where children get to explore all sorts of big trucks and vehicles.  Charlie's favorites included the fire truck, the Zamboni and the crane. Lola was also interested in the trucks, but I think she had more fun jumping in the puddles. Did I mention it was raining? Did you see that family, who's kids weren't well dressed? Poor things must have been cold.  Ahem... that was us.

Patiently waiting their turn.

Maman, I want to be a fireman!

Look at the size of that tire!
Some hugs.
I want to drive a Zamboni.

OK, we're wet now... time to go!

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  1. thats a fab shot of your daughter inside the tire.

  2. @Blooms And Bugs

    Thanks! It really shows how big that tractor was!


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