Monday, May 30, 2011

Jezebelle Sauce with Cream Cheese

We went to a friend's this past weekend for a dinner party. We were in charge of bringing an appetizer. I decided to make Jezebelle sauce, a recipe that comes from my mother in law.  It's a sweet sauce with a kick, served over cream cheese and eaten with crackers. Yum! 

One friend thought it was really weird I was taking pictures of the food.

Jezebelle Sauce

1 jar pineapple jam
1 jar apple jelly
1/2 small jar of mild horseradish
1 tbs dry mustard
dash of pepper

Pour all ingredients into a bowl. Mix well. That's it.

I put the mixture back into my jam jars for easy storage. There will be a little left over for immediate snacking :) 

I used one jar at the dinner party and I'm saving the second one for an appetizer at my baby girl's birthday party. She'll be two soon. Unbelievable.

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