Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally some sewing time

It felt like ages since I had pulled out my sewing machine.  I am challenging myself to make a few items for my shop, using vintage fabrics of course.  I made two receiving blankets, one in pink and green, the other in yellow and orange.

I completed each blanket with two rows of top stitching.

One of my biggest obstacles when sewing is combining fabrics.  It takes me forever to choose what prints I want to pair up as I second guess each decision. Luckily, I usually love the combination once I'm done.  I hope it will get easier and quicker with practice.

More pictures and information in the shop.

Now, back to decluttering!
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  1. Lynne I love your baby blankets - I can't wait for s-i-l to get pregnant so I have an excuse to buy one!

  2. Hi Lynne

    Nice job


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